About us

Joel Ministries is a small non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. We support the following projects:

1. Storytelling
We publish on the advance of global missions worldwide. Stories that inspire, give hope and activate Christians to make a positive change. Our newsletter Joel News International is sent to everyone who contributes to our ministry at least once a year.
Project: JNI/General.

2. New faith communities
We consult and coach organizations and networks who start grassroots Christian communities across Europe. New expressions like simple/organic churches, missional communities, emerging church initiatives, online groups with meet-ups, and neomonastic communities.
Project: SCEU.

3. Mobile tools
We support the development of new (mobile) media and training platforms that enhance the effectiveness of missional movements.
Project: MOB.

4. Organic innovation
We fight poverty through stimulating micro-entrepreneurship, developing healthy eco-systems and organic agriculture.
Project: ECO.

5. Refugee relief
We raise funds for project Syrious Love, a vehicle to support small Christian ministries working among refugees from Syria. Visit the project page for more information.
Project: SL.

6. Christians under pressure
On an adhoc basis, out of our general fund, we also support development projects, charity work, leadership training and Bible distribution in countries where the church suffers from poverty, oppression and/or persecution.

If we can be of help to you or if you wish to support our ministry, then please contact us.