Joel Ministries is a small non-profit organization based in the Netherlands.


We support the following projects:

1. Joel News: Hopeful storytelling
We publish on the advance of global missions. Stories that inspire, give hope and activate Christians to make a positive change. Our newsletter Joel News International is sent to everyone who contributes to our ministry at least once a year. | Project JN/General

2. Simple Church Europe: New faith communities
We consult and coach organizations and networks that start grassroots faith communities across Europe. New expressions like simple/organic churches, neighbourhood groups, emerging church initiatives, online meet-ups, and neomonastic communities. | Project: SCEU

3. Syrious Love: Refugee relief
We raise funds for project Syrious Love, a vehicle for workers and ministries that provide help to refugees from Syria. | Project: SL

4. Innovation
With advice and research we support the development of new journalistic projects, mobile tools that enhance the effectiveness of missional movements, social entrepreneurship and organic agriculture. | Project: Innovation


Joel Ministries is a registered tax exempt charity under Dutch law. Donations are welcome and can be wired to:

IBAN – NL36 INGB 000 8981184
Stichting Joel Ministries
Leliendaal 12, 6715 KG Ede GLD, The Netherlands
Bank name and address: ING Bank, P.O.Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam

You can also use a creditcard, Paypal or iDEAL to donate to our main projects:

Joel News | SCEU | SL

Unlabelled donations will be added to the general fund and used as most needed.


Joel Ministries
Leliendaal 12, 6715 KG Ede, The Netherlands
t: +31 (0)6 4425 0470 | e: info@joelnews.org

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